Oak Hill Farm at Sunrise

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On a very chilly November morning in 2010 I decided to see what the sunrise would be like - while driving down Rt. 15 south of Leesburg, my attention was focused to the east, waiting for the sun to crest over the horizon. As I drove, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the barn and silo aglow in the beautiful pink sunrise. I quickly stopped the car, grabbed my camera, and ran down the side of the highway to the gravel road leading up to the farm. These ended up being some of my favorite photos of all-time.

Side note - Oak Hill Farm was home to President James Madison for a period of time. The residence and property are privately owned and maintained - not open to the general public. The main house was not visible from the road and I did not know the connection of the barn/silo when I first took the photo.

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