PrintedArt Starts Augmented Reality Initiative

Franklin Lakes, NJ -- August 28, 2012 -- PrintedArt today announced a highly innovative initiative to help customers decide on the best artwork for their decorating needs. By using the latest augmented reality technology, customers can now see artwork from the PrintedArt collection in their own home or office using their smartphone or iPad cameras. The images from the PrintedArt catalog will be overlaid (“augmented”) into the real world image in real time, and can be re-sized and moved to find the best fit on the wall.

To use the PrintedArt augmented reality application:

- Customers print a one-page marker to be pinned on the wall in the place where the artwork should be merged with the interior scene.

- They then click on the “See it on your wall” button to receive a QR code for their smartphone or iPad.

- After scanning the code, the phone or tablet will show the collection image as a replacement for the marker page as soon as it is pointed to the marker and will allow customers to re-size and reposition the image on their own walls.

“This is a major improvement in the way artwork can be sold online and makes it far easier for our customers to try out the right color schemes and sizes before they invest in artwork for their homes or offices,” says Klaus Sonnenleiter, president and CEO of PrintedArt. “It is as close to seeing the artwork in its intended environment as we can get without physically shipping it.”

PrintedArt’s augmented reality solution has been created in cooperation with Augment, a startup company specializing in mobile applications for the art and interior design markets.

“It’s great to see our technology used with a collection of the size and quality as PrintedArt’s,” says Mickael Jordan, co-founder of Augment. “PrintedArt is the first art website in the world powered by Augmented Reality, thanks to Augment, and we are looking forward to seeing how much easier it is to choose artwork with Augment.”

About PrintedArt

PrintedArt is a web-based fine art photography collection, hand-selected by our experienced staff of curators who have created a highly selective gallery for the home decor and hospitality markets.

Every image in the collection is produced in a modern gallery-grade display format with acrylic finish, as a gallery-wrap canvas panel or as a wall mural.

The PrintedArt Photolab allows customers to print their own images in the same professional quality as our fine art collection.

For more information, contact PrintedArt at or at +1 201 301 9113.

About Augment

Augment is a mobile app that lets art buyers try any artwork on your walls, in real time, through your tablet or smartphone camera, so they can check the size, colors and look & feel before buying.