Professional's Choice: Acrylic

Acrylic mounts are the material of choice for galleries and museums. Leading fine art photographers world-wide use acrylic (or "plexiglass" as it is sometimes known) as their preferred display format. The reasons are simple: Of all available options, acrylic has the best optical qualities. Where glass adds a slight green tinge to the display, acrylic remains optically clear and does not distort the colors in the photo. It also allows "face-mounting" where the image is sealed against the acrylic, which offers superb protection against fading and accidental damage.

At PrintedArt, we use the best available material to produce your artwork: We print on archival paper using pigment inks for a fully saturated true-color image. The estimated lifetime before fading for our prints is more than 75 years. With the added protection of the acrylic seal, we are certain that any artwork purchased from PrintedArt will literally last more than a lifetime.

Every acrylic piece of artwork is manufactured with an aluminum dibond backing plate for stabilization. This also allows us to add our free-floating hanging mechanism (sometimes called "french cleats") that creates our signature float-on-the-wall look.

To order your own photo on our acrylic output material, upload it to our PhotoLab page, choose the material and size and click "Add to Cart".

Keep in mind: The higher your image resolution, the larger we can print your image. Always pick the largest format you have, even if you plan on ordering a small item - a higher resolution will produce a sharper looking image.