Pumpkin Spice

This morning when I set off to do some errands there were several red and orange leaves on the windshield that I had to sweep away. A very definite indication that autumn is almost in full force! Such a picturesque season, I have always felt sorry for those who live in areas where the season is much more understated due to the lack of deciduous trees. This is not the only thing that makes the fall season, yet it is one we all recognize quickly. Have you ever considered changing decor for the seasons or at least the art on your walls? Our households all have a different feel at different times of year, these could be lovely choices! The colors of autumn do not need to be limited to images of the season, so please enjoy these warm orange family hues!

An Autumn Scene by Keren GiGi Candiotti

Sunset Cruise by David Halperin

Autumn Color On The Riverbank by Roupen Baker

Window by Dietrich Katz

Autumn Cottonwood Trees by Brad Mitchell

Blinds, Number 7 by Raymond St. Arnaud

At The End Of The Day by Alessandro Giorgi

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