Spirit of the Ancient Forest

Giant Bigleaf Maple; its limbs covered in ferns and moss
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The deep forests of Washington’s Olympic Peninsula can feel enchanted. The giant, dripping trees and vast quiet give a sense that spirits are afoot. And perhaps they are. I do know that Olympic National Park is alive with wildlife: I saw my first Bobcat here and lots of Cougar tracks. I’ve seen River Otters, Coyotes, Bald Eagles, Roosevelt Elk, Olympic Marmots, American Black Bears, and scores of other species.
But back to the trees, which give the Olympic Peninsula its quiet aura. This Bigleaf Maple, an open-grown ancient, represents to me all that I love about trees, with its giant, spreading, moss-and-fern blanketed limbs. The mossy giant has patiently posed for my camera numerous times, and this is my favorite color portrait.
LOCATION: Lake Crescent area, Olympic National Park, Washington, USA

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