Most orders from the website are custom produced items that will be manufactured on demand as we receive an order. The manufacturing process itself takes between one and two weeks. In addition, you will need to allow time for the shipment to arrive. The total time from placing the order to delivery does usually not exceed 3 weeks for orders shipped in the continental United States.

Shipping Rates

All shipments in the United States are charged in two tiers:

- Small items get shipped for a $17. Additional items in the order are $2 per item.

- Medium sized items are $28. Additional items in the order are $3 per item.

- Large items are $55 and are always packed as a single item per shipment.

- Oversized material that exceeds the sizes Fedex or UPS can ship requires custom quotes for shipping (rates vary).

Shipping to other countries is at the following flat-rate schedules up to a size limit of 32 x 24 format:

Canada: flat-rate shipping $30
Japan: flat-rate shipping $40
China: flat-rate shipping $45
Western Europe (UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Italy): flat-rate shipping 40

Other countries and larger sizes: Please inquire. Generally we can ship any size anywhere, but it may require a special quote.