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Today's fast paced world leaves little time to take notice of the beauty all around us. This beauty: color, shadow, patterns and light smother me at times, and the need to record and reflect on it overwhelms me. I chose the art of photography to record my visual statements.
My obsession with photography started back in high school, I loved music and would look at album covers in the record store. I came across CTI records. They were a progressive jazz label that had the most outrageous cover photography by Pete Turner. Turner pushed the envelope with color saturation and design. He is responsible for my passion and love for photography.
In my high school years it was hard to get me out of the darkroom. My love for black and white photography memorized me.
My work reflects my surroundings. The Men Who work the Bay, is a series of black and white photographs documents the bayman that live and work here on Long Island. Recently, it's the surf culture that has the attention of my lens.
I work and play as a photographer, it's been my passion and voice for over thirty years. Listen closely, I'm sure there's an image that speaks to you.



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